Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jan 5-8 Daily Sketch

I found this awesome reference/gesture website (at the bottom of the page) where you can set some parameters about what images you want to see and how long you want to see them and it'll basically give you a slideshow which is great for quickly sketching some poses. I tried it for animals as you can see and went back and markered a few of them. I need to do more of these.

Jan 2-4

I found the perfect way to stay awake on those dreary Sunday meetings: Draw. These are some attempts with varying degrees of success and failure.

Here is a few days' worth on one page. I've noticed I tend to draw faces and people. Maybe I'll branch out eventually.

The start of something...January 1

So I'm gonna skip the been-a-long-time-posting crap and get back to it.
I set a resolution this year to draw every day. The idea was to post it here on this blog to add some incentive. Well I've done pretty well on my daily sketching and now I'm finally getting to the posting part so here comes a bunch of posts covering the last 3 months. Get ready...

The kid in the shirt and tie is from church I saw the week before. I was also watching Quantum of Solace so there's the Daniel Craig.