Monday, December 9, 2013

Teenage Mutant "Hipster" Turtle

I've really wanted to post an illustration in process for awhile, but I tend to not keep enough process shots as I work and I'm basically left with a sketch and finished piece. NOT THIS TIME! I was asked by my teacher to illustrate a ninja turtle with a twist, and that was it. With the brainstorming help of my wife we got the idea of a Hipster Turtle. We're looking at places to live once I graduate and Portland, OR is high on the list so hipsters have been on the mind by extension. I started with this sketch:

I found some hipster reference and really like the fixed gear bike.

Started painting value,

and got to this point.

From here I added color on a multiply layer

 I experimented a lot on this with how I colored it. I think I ended up with a multiply layer, a color layer and an overlay layer, each at tweaked opacities to get the desired look.

This was the finished 1st draft so to speak. I brought it to my instructor to get his take, he pointed out the messed up perspective of the sidewalk down the corner, some scale issues and a few other things, so I went to work on changes.

I decided to pull Leo further from the inner city pizza joint since most I imagine they might have a larger walk way in the downtown type store fronts.

And here is the final final piece! I generally find I rush my art due to deadlines and this was an instance where I paced myself and was able to spend more time on it overall. I think I shall continue this approach. Thanks for looking and more to come!