Thursday, October 2, 2014

I LIVE!!!! / Inktober

After the BFA Project (see previous post) I kind of burned out and fizzled on art for a bit. October seemed like a great time to get back to it with #Inktober! I'm a day behind but I'll catch up. I think to start I'm gonna do some quick, lunch-time sketches.

Here's #1 - I'm not really sure why his head is that way, just kinda happened.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The BFA Project that ended it all...

Well it finally happened. I graduated from college and my days of formal education at state funded institutions are over! Wow it is such a nice feeling and I'm eager to start making a career out of this education.

As part of my final year I had to complete a BFA project: I wrote a proposal for at least 12 pieces to build a portfolio and show at the end of my schooling. I chose to create a sci-fi universe for a video game or tv show and design characters, creatures, environments for it. Over the course of the year it grew, developed and with the help of my extremely creative and inspired wife we fleshed out an exciting and epic story to pull it all together.

Before the show started I snagged a few pics

The actual show went great! I got to show with 3 other highly talented artists who are graduating too: James Poai, Jessica Weaver, and Sarah Kelsey.

With each piece I wrote up a little exposition for the character, environment, etc... and here they are for your viewing pleasure:

            Little is known about the wanderer, Khyer.  Always on the move, he left his home world, Vestur, long ago for mysterious reasons. He travels from world to world, avoiding connections and commitments. The body armor and weapon are seem to imply a history in soldiering.
            Khyer comes to the planet Mirum in need of fuel and rest, but receives much more than he expected

Home of the wanderer, Khyer, the planet Vestur is a dry and inhospitable land. Rocky and uneven, the only livable locations are plateaus riddled across the landscape. Each is ruled and governed by separate crime families. War and violence between powers is commonplace.

The Planet Mirum
Home of the Fortusians and Yomaris. Mirum is a lush, tropical land, mostly covered in rainfall or snow depending on your elevation. Mirum is the galaxies leading exporter of energy and has grown in wealth and power over generations. The planet is governed by Skathár Reitteri.

Among the creatures of Mirum, Water Tigers are adept at land travel but were built for the water. Sameen befriends one, naming him Tiqua.

A young Yomaris woman, Sameen is hotheaded and eager to do more than simply follow the crowd. She is among the leadership of an underground rebellion, waiting for the right opportunity to rise up and free her race. Little does she know the role she will play in the liberation of her people.

The Yomaris
The oppressed race of the planet Mirum. The Yomaris have been slaves to the Fortusians for generations as far as history recounts. The Yomaris are not natives to the planet Mirum and are not able to naturally breathe the atmosphere. As a result, they require regular treatments in order to survive. These treatments are provided as a service from Malivis Industries.

Nothing is known of the Yomaris origins, even among their people. They appear to have a natural connection with nature and are always seeking the light. Little by little they are beginning to feel there is more to them and their heritage than servitude.

A New Ally? 
Upon discovering Khyer is a soldier from the outside world, The Yomaris capture him for information and assistance to launch their rebellion.

Skathár Reitteri
Skathár is the elected official of Mirum and President of Malivis Industries, the provider of sustainable energy for the races of Mirum. Though he is viewed as a philanthropic public servant in the eye of the masses, his real intentions and schemes are much darker in nature.

The Fortusians are the indigenous species of the planet Mirum. They make up the security and law enforcement of the land. Wealthy and entitled, they enjoy the spoils of the work and industry provided by the Yomaris. Most revel in their riches, while only a few question the ethics. 

Malivis Industries
Founded long ago, Malivis Industries rose up almost out of nowhere on a planet that was thought to have few resources. Over time Malivis Industries grew to the powerhouse it is today, towering over the cityscape, providing energy to all the planets in the system and netting the world of Mirum enormous wealth. Skathár Reitteri is the current president of the company. Fully aware of its secrets, he works to continue the tradition of deception and greed that surrounds the company’s origins.

The Yomaris Ascent
Over the course of their secret investigations the Yomaris learn of the truth behind the life saving “treatments” provided by Malivis Industries. Hardly life saving, these treatments actually drain the inner energy of the Yomari, holding them back from their true heritage and abilities. With the help and expertise of the outsider, Khyer, they revolt in open war. In the course of battle Sameen erupts into a beautiful spectre of light and power. All are in awe at this ascension and they wonder, “Who are the Yomaris?”

The Ascended Yomaris
Generations ago the Yomaris people were the God like protector race of the galaxy. Through the greed of a few of their own, their race was deceived and fell into darkness. Most were destroyed and the young were taken into servitude. Over generations of time, their past was lost and their true nature was hidden from all but the greedy few who profited from them. They were placed on Mirum, a far away planet with no sunlight from which their powerful spirits could feed. On top of that, their inner energies were harvested through “treatments” and sold to other worlds as a power source by Malivis Industries. As they discover their true heritage the Yomaris seek to reconnect with and realize their true selves and overthrow the conspiracy wrought through Malivis Industries and its president, Skathár Reitteri.

It took a lot of work but I'm happy with the end result. Now on to life!