Friday, April 5, 2013

Keeping it alive

I'm right in the middle of the end of semester crunch and as a result my posting here has been slim. Luckily I have a spare moment at work and some images on my iPad of a project from my previous semester crunch.

The assignment was to do an illustration based on a piece from any dead illustrator. I quickly (and naively) chose JC Leyendecker and found this piece:

I took the idea into a more modern era and with my wife and myself as reference I went to work.

I took these horribly yellow progress shots with my iPad along the way, I've never done an oil piece of this size and it kicked my butt for a good awhile. I think by the end I had some kind of idea what I was doing and I learned a bunch in the process.

That's it for now, I shall return in about 3 weeks with work from this semester to show off!


  1. Your piece looks awesome, and your J.C.L. crosshatching is quite effective.

    I did Leyendecker too, when I took that class. My painting came out ok. It is very difficult to copy his style, despite how minimalist it is.

    I'd post it on my blog, but maybe after your painting has been up awhile.

  2. Nice brandon. good job!. I want to paint now. My only complaint is instead of a xmen logo it should be a batman logo.